Study Clubs


"I cant emphasize enough the impact you have had on me these last 2 years. I have changed the way I do general restorative dentistry thanks to you."
Regards Alan
........Dr. Alan Margulius, Vancouver, BC..participant, VSG1 and VSG2, 2012-2014


BCDA Composite Excellence .

For past Syllabus See BCDA Study Group Syllabus

BCDA Advanced Adhesive Restoration s

For past syllabus seeBCDA Study Group Syllabus

Dr. Walford has mentored many groups of dentists in a variety of study clubs/virtual study clubs since 2007.

North Island Composite Study Club 2007-2011. An operating Tucker-style study club

Victoria Composite Study Club 2011-2013. A didactic study Club

Vancouver Composite Study Club 2012-2013. A didactic study club at the Sirona Learning Centre, with some clinical demonstrations

First BCDA Virtual Study Group 2012-2013.

Following his pioneering work in composite study clubs, the BCDA requested that Dr Walford develop a virtual study club for its members. After considerable planning, it was brought to life in late fall 2012. This was a pilot program for the Association for the use of the online medium to offer member services, and Dr. Walford was honored to be asked to lead in this regard.

BCDA Advanced Virtual Study Group 2013-2014

In order to share the procedures in prosthodontics that Dr. Walford utilizes, an Advanced Virtual Study Group was initiated in 2013-2014. Membership was limited to graduates of previous Study Clubs.

For the syllabus of these study clubs, see BCDA Study Group Syllabus