Handbook of Composite Excellence


After several years of anticipation, a Handbook of Composite Excellence is underway and about one-half completed as of February 2017.It is targeted at 125 pages, no more. We are busy people.

It is not a textbook, which usually focuses on desirable outcomes, with no guidance as to how to get there. This handbook focuses on process- how to get there with our hands, instruments, and products, with eyes open and a helping CDA nearby. It is a guide to practice, better than a cookbook, not as onerous as a textbook, and very readable.

Release date is projected for Spring 2018.

If interested in purchasing this summary of technique (estimated cost US $125), please contact pwalford@telus.net to put yourself on the advance sales list. Apps for independent purchase of segments of the Handbook are planned.

The Handbook itself will come in an electronic format for quick access to references and subject areas.

Topics will include everything in this website, and more.