For CDAs

A good part of the evolution of the study club has been due to my amazing Certified Dental Assistant, Arlene Cearns. Arlene has been a chairside assistant and Receptionist for more than 40 years. Her skillful and intelligent understanding of dentistry has facilitated the progress of the practice and study club expertise over the last 14 years, including the design and fabrication of the of the current "dental bus" after several years of experience working in its predecessor, which was a 1971 GMC 38-foot chassis, fabricated in 1986 and operated for 17 years until replaced by the current clinic, which is a 1976 Bluebird 38-foot chassis. As well, Arlene has been instrumental in the development of the study club, particularly the development and teaching of four-handed aspects in study club sessions. Arlene is Past President of the Certified Dental Assistants of BC.

I credit Arlene with many of the creative ways in which the new (second) Dental Bus developed over a four-year building phase. Once completed, we went on to co-develop the North Island Composite Study Club, my first operating study club, initiated when no existing study club was found in the West of either BC or Canada. She has played a part in all the study clubs since. She helped me become aware of how clinical success depends upon a qualified and alert assistant,and teamwork between two cooperative and determined persons.

During our educational programs, she makes sure that all aspects are moving well. Explicit CDA-oriented material has been developed in our programs. Check back frequently or inquire for more material in these areas.

Four-handed Dentistry Topics

    • Sterilization and organization of instruments for efficient delivery
    • Custom fabrication of curved matrix bands using the Bandbender Bandbender
    • Coordinated Instrument Passing to reduce finishing time
    • Sandblasting and dust control using secondary suction (Big Bertha)
    • Four-handed Post Placement
    • Four-handed Adhesive Re-cementation of Unlted Crowns
    • Incisal Attrition - Setup, 4-handed Curing, and Finishing
    • Provisional Crown Fabrication
    • HVE Options in difficult access and difficult patient scenarios
    • Pre-Operative Occlusal Registration
    • Post-Operative Occlusal Verification and adjustment
    • Heated resins and other routines in Resin Placement
    • Adhesive Cementation and Cement Cleanup
    • Billing codes and insurance management for Adhesion Bridges and other innovative procedures
    • Effective patient communication for our innovative treatment procedures